ObjectWebCon'06 in few words

OWCON06-244.png Fifth Annual ObjectWeb Conference
January 31 - February 2, 2006
CNIT, Paris La Défense, FRANCE

The 5th edition of the ObjectWeb Annual Conference was held in the CNIT of Paris La Défense, from January 31st to February 2nd, 2006.

ObjectWebCon '06 featured:
- a high level program with technical contents aligned to the latest technologies. This program offered the attendees a great variety of topics such as SOA, ObjectWeb projects, Enterprise information Integration, Enterprise grid,...
- 3-days of technical presentations and diversified events: the Best Use Case Awards ceremony, BoFs Sessions, demo sessions on the ObjectWeb Village as well as side events.

ObjectWebCon '06 attendees included 30% of foreigners. Most attendees belonged to the private industry sector (63%), 27% to academia and 10% to public organizations. A majority of attendees (57%) were not consortium members, which illustrates the growing impact of ObjectWeb outside the community.

The co-location with Solution Linux proved a success and was very appreciated by attendees and sponsors altogether. ObjectWeb took advantage of this co-location to benefit from a renowned, world-class conference hall: the CNIT of Paris la Défense.

The ObjectWeb Village offered a great opportunity to all ObjectWebCon '06 sponsors to establish new business partnerships and develop relationships with the open source community, while benefiting from the massive audience of a mainstream trade show. The following companies were present on the village: Bull, Ebm Websourcing, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Eteration, eXo Platform, INRIA, IONA, Thales, Xcalia.

INRIA, currently the host of the consortium, took advantage of the cross participation with Objectweb on Solutions Linux. It allowed to create a real synergy between INRIA and the ObjectWeb community. INRIA had thus the opportunity to liaise with the industrial world, and notably through the presence of the 3 INRIA open source consortia and communities: LibreSource, Scilab and ObjectWeb.