The ObjectWeb team would like to express a sincere 'thank you' to the following companies and organizations for their support in making this event possible and their participation to the ObjectWeb Village.

Bull Bull designs and develops servers and software for an open environment, integrating the most advanced technologies. The Group brings to its customers its expertise and know-how to help them in the transformation of their information systems and to optimize their IT infrastructure and their applications. Bull is a large contributor to Open Source Software in linux, middleware and security domains.
It is the co-founder of ObjectWeb and a key participant to the Consortium. Bull is also recognized by analysts as the European leader in integration of Open Source based solutions. Bull is particularly present in the public sector, banking, finance, telecommunication, utilities and manufacturing sectors. Capitalizing on its wide experience, the Group has a thorough understanding of the business and specific processes of these sectors, thus enabling it to efficiently advise and to accompany its customers. Its distribution network spreads to over 100 countries worldwide.

EBM Websourcing EBM WebSourcing is a french startup specialised in hosted integration services and consultancy in SOA design and implementation, and in open source strategy. EBM WebSourcing designs and develops collaborative solutions which help to catalyze B2B partnerships.
These innovative Internet based solutions improve collaborative process efficiency for SME ecosystems. Examples of such collaborative solutions are: group-buying platforms and supply chain management. Based on an open source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) built with main ObjectWeb projects, our solutions implement services that link business processes and customer's applications. This approach improves Information System agility and the enterprise business processes. EBM WebSourcing leads the PETALS project with Fossil E-Commerce. PETALS is an open source software development project dedicated to deliver ObjectWeb Java Business Integration (JBI) platform, providing lightweight integration solutions, based on JSR-208 specifications. PETALS is part of the ObjectWeb ESB Initiative. PETALS is the infrastructure of EBM WebSourcing solutions.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica plays a primary role in Information Technology in Italy and it is a major European player in software R&D, looking ahead at the development of middleware open source software solutions in the high-level software stack, enabling enterprises to achieve their business objectives.

Engineering's approach to system integration carries out the definition of innovative architectural solutions and the realization of complex projects for all vertical markets using both proprietary and open-source solutions:
  • SpagoBI: a complete open source suite for the development of Business Intelligence projects in an integrated environment. It has the potential of covering the full range of analytical aspects, such as the data and metadata organization, static reporting and dimensional analysis, hidden information discovering by means of data mining techniques, the building of a structured and dynamic control suite with dashboard components. http://spagobi.objectweb.org
  • Spago: the open source Java Enterprise Wide Framework for the development of web and multi-channel applications in enterprise environments. http://spago.objectweb.org

Eteration eteration provides enterprise software solutions and infrastructures built on Open Source and Standards. As a leader in JavaEE, SOA and Embedded Knowledge; we pride ourselves on bringing disciplined and comprehensive solutions to our clients. Simultaneously, our technical knowledge and focus has facilitated our expertise in the adoption of Open Source systems in Enterprise applications.
In our pursuit to improve the efficiency of applications and developers we developed Lomboz™; an Open Source and free JavaEE development environment. With over one million downloads since its inception, and a strong organizational commitment from ObjectWeb, ObjectWeb Lomboz™ will make JavaEE development accessible and standardized. eteration is service-oriented; a single source for education, software development and outsourcing. With our technology education, architecture audits and accelerated education knowledge-transfer workshops; we support companies in creating secure networked applications enhanced by the services, products and tools which enable their teams to successfully drive their own projects.

eXo Platform SARL eXo Platform …

INRIA INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) is a French public-sector scientific and technological institute operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry.
INRIA's missions are "to undertake basic and applied research, to design experimental systems, to ensure technology and knowledge transfer, to organize international scientific exchanges, to carry out scientific assessments, and to contribute to standardization". The research carried out at INRIA brings together experts from the fields of computer science and applied mathematics covering the following areas: Networks and Systems; Software Engineering and Symbolic Computing; Man-Machine Interaction; Image Processing, Data Management, Knowledge Systems, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems.

IONA Since 1991, IONA has delivered high-performance, platform-independent integration solutions to some of the world’s most demanding IT organisations. IONA promotes an incremental, non-disruptive approach to making IT investments interoperable, without sacrificing performance, scalability or reliability.IONA also aims to accelerate the adoption of distributed computing architectures through open source technology.
Customers rely on IONA products and architectural expertise to integrate business applications and middleware from various vendors into strategic SOA systems. IONA products ensure the performance and reliability of large-scale manufacturing systems, high-end financial systems, telecommunications network management and OSS systems and e-government and other federal computing initiatives. IONA’s products include:
  • Orbacus, an open source CORBA ORB
  • Celtix, an open source JAVA Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), hosted by ObjectWeb
  • Orbix, an enterprise CORBA ORB
  • Artix, an extensible Enterprise Service Bus, enables the interoperability of many systems with different transports, security and transactions.
For additional information about IONA, visit our Web site at http://www.iona.com.

Thales Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, serving defence, aerospace, security and services markets worldwide. The Group employs 60,000 people throughout the world and generated revenues of 10.3 billion euros in 2004.
With 1.4 billion euros (including 1.1 outside Thales) revenues and 10,000 employees worldwide, the Services division provides a global offer including consulting, integration solutions and outsourcing for private sector (transport, industry, energy and finance) and the public sector (civil administration and defence). Thales has been involved in the Open Source for more than 10 years now. The Group promotes, defines and implements civil and military architectures based on Open Source components. Thales is also involved in OSS communities and/or foundations such as Eclipse, OMG and ObjectWeb.

Xcalia Xcalia provides intermediation software to create dynamic transactional composite applications.
The Xcalia Intermediation Core and the Xcalia Intermediation Platform combine legacy, mainframe and database resources with web services to dynamically compose and orchestrate application business processes. As a critical requirement for implementing SOAs, Xcalia's advanced technology approach uses metadata to describe services and automatically executes transactions at runtime. The company's solutions allow enterprises to quickly respond to changing business requirements and eliminate the need for costly manual integration. Founded in 2000, Xcalia is powering high-volume transactional environments in over 50 companies. Headquartered in Paris, France, it has offices in the US, and Germany. The company is privately held.
For more on Xcalia, visit http://www.xcalia.com.

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